Ages 4 to 5 years old                  

Like our preschool classrooms, Open Arms Early Learning Childcare Center classrooms are also “multi-aged.” They consist of older four and five-year-olds who will attend kindergarten the following year.  Our teachers understand that each  child develops at his or her own pace during this year before kindergarten and each child will vary dramatically on intellectual and social levels. It becomes even more important to focus on a child's individual successes and to work on areas which need more help.

 Our program focuses on the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of your prekindergarten child. Teachers assess each child’s specific developmental needs and can focus his or her experiences to achieve goals.

Our classrooms are arranged into “discovery centers”, which allow children to explore and experience new theme-based learning materials. “Discovery centers” also offer children opportunities to learn about social interaction, problem solving, and appropriate behavior.

Small group activities allow our teachers to work toward specific developmental goals, such as math concepts, language development, and writing skills.

Our spacious pre-kindergarten playground contains age-appropriate equipment dedicated for this age group.

Full time and part time offered (availability varies)